Your Rave Booty is Lying

By Aaron Deckler

Your camping on the lawn of your favorite EDM festival when two young girls strut by looking like My Little Pony had her way with Sailor Moon. It’s creative, it’s fun, but it’s also a lot of booty. Now call me a prude if you like, but in truth, I’m a male human and my body loves booty just as much as the next guy. Hey, I’m even happy that celeb icons like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj have turned the tide away from the uber skinny waif look made popular by the fashion industry. But there’s a problem.

I feel for these young girls. They’re sending a message whether they realize it or not. And it’s not what you think. Okay maybe it is, but there’s something deeper. When a woman, or man (yes they’re out there half-naked too) purposefully puts their body on public display it tells the world, “My value is in my appearance.” It’s nice to be wanted, and I think everyone wants to look their best. But you are not defined by your physique. It’s temporal and fading away with each tick of the second hand. You are wonderfully created as spiritual being, a person. A person deserving of love, and not just carnal lust.

“My value is in my appearance.”

I don’t believe for a second that young girls want to be loved purely for their bodies. Though men are happy to oblige. We’re simple creatures to understand. Watch a handful of popular movies and you’ll quickly see the pattern. A man sees the seductress and thinks “that’ll be fun for a minute”, and that’s about all he wants to invest. He interprets their value as purely physical. Unknowingly she is telling him that he should want her for her body, any thoughts beyond that are lost.

Attraction is a good thing. God designed it that way. But, you are worth more than a roll in the hay. You are even more beautiful on the inside. You are worthy of adoration. Worthy of love that transcends your looks. Every person has beauty inside them, waiting to be discovered. So am I saying you should burn your shorts and start wearing mumu’s? Not at all, dress up, be proud of your body, but be intentional about the message you want to project.

Pimps and Prostitutes understand this. They dress seductively on purpose, fully aware of what they are selling. Their outer appearance does not say “come get to know the real me.” Consider dressing in a way that says “Yes, I’m beautiful, but my body isn’t my only value.” I promise you’ll still attract the opposite sex, they’ll still think you are beautiful, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll want to stick around for more than just a photo.

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