What Does Salvation and Liberation Really Mean?

By Matt Spinks

I’ve been contemplating two words lately, “SALVATION” and “LIBERATION”. I feel as if most believers in Jesus have barely scratched the surface in their awareness of these two words. They are ancient and powerful concepts. More than concepts, they are some of the deepest longings of the human heart.

I feel as if so much of what I have been experiencing these last few years is a genuine salvation or liberation in my soul! The revelation of Jesus Christ actually does bring a full and wholistic realization of freedom. A whole new world has been discovered. I feel so free to love, to live, to be myself!!!

Have you contemplated what salvation and/or liberation truly means? Have you considered the many paths that religion has tried to offer to achieve these realities? Do you know how complete, unique, and far reaching is the scope of salvation that is offered in Christ?

The Bible says, “there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12) This is a powerful statement. It sounds intolerant, or disempowering to many in today’s world. But, is it so? What is salvation really?

Most Christians do not seem to have a salvation experience truly manifesting in their lives. So, Jesus has come off as just another random teacher, or maybe one among many concepts or ideas. My experience has been FAR DIFFERENT! Like I mentioned before, I literally feel a passion and ability to love and live healthy flowing through my being like a river…WOW! It is real and incredibly exhilarating! And, I know that it was not self-initiated, nor due to some secret knowledge!

I am coming to appreciate Jesus Christ more and more in the fullness of who He is, what He did, and what He gives. I sincerely believe that there is power and transformation here available. Yet, one must come to see Jesus as more than just a word, a vague idea, or another voice among many. The richness that is in Christ is vast and we are literally just scratching the surface.

I will continue to share over the years of the riches of this God-man, and His salvation. My point in this short blog is just to ask us, “Have you considered what it is that Jesus Christ really offers?” “Are you certain that you have contemplated the scope of His life and teaching?” “What is liberation, really?” “Is salvation about escaping hell, and going to heaven someday, or is it something far greater?” “Could we actually live free, happy, and healthy in this life?”

I see in Christ an everlasting and extravagant solution to the “human predicament”! I have seen it nowhere else. These are bold claims. They are almost ludicrous claims considering the current state of “Christianity”. Yet, what if Christ has something that Christianity has almost altogether missed?

Salvation… Liberation… Joy… Love… Real Life!

If anything, my heart here is that maybe whoever reads this would take just a few extra minutes the next few days and weeks and quietly ponder salvation and liberation in the light of Jesus Christ…

Find a quiet place. Contemplate. Maybe read Romans chapter six, or Colossians chapter three. Look at what He’s done, for real, for us all!

– Matt

Originally posted at: http://www.thefirehouseprojects.com/salvation-and-liberation/

Matt Spinks

Author | Minister of the Gospel
Blissful minister of the Gospel of Jesus, and founder of The Firehouse Projects. Encouraging people to be who they truly are within community.

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