Blackalicious' Gift of Gab on Overcoming Life

Gift of Gab (Timothy Parker), the emcee of legendary hip-hop group Blackalicious. Gift of Gab talks about his career and motivation to keep going while battling health issues.

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One of Australia's most sought after street artists gets a rare opportunity

This 6-minute film documents their journey, and offers insight into the unique personality of one of Australia’s most sought after street artists.

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A Photographer’s Story: Aaron Storry

Aaron Storry talks about living life and taking the risk to follow his passion and become a professional photographer.

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Player Two - Some People Live On

Player Two is a moving story about losing someone and then finding them in unexpected places.

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What is the Gospel? - with Matt Spinks

So what exactly is the “Gospel” according to Jesus? Matt Spinks breaks it down in this short segment.

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Destroying By Example - Erik Ellington

At at 38 years of age, Erik is a veteran. A life fighting inner demons has lead to a new chapter, one of sobriety, abstinence and responsibility.

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Incredible animation short film of fantasy nature

An beautify and mesmerizing animated nature film by Chloe Hayward that takes you deep into the realm of fantasy and science fiction.

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Does God Have A Clue?!

Andre Rabe asked the question, “Does God know what it’s like to be us?” Andre gives his unique and inspiring understanding of the nature of God and how he relates to us as people.

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Sonic Artist Creates Music with Electric Currents from Plants

Channeling a plant’s sentience into an instrument is no obvious feat. Mileece’s background as an audiophile and programmer dovetailed to turn a garden into an organic medium for music.

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Totally Free

Rollerskating used to be everywhere, but these days it’s nearly impossible to find people on roller skates. ‘Totally Free’ is a short documentary that explores these weirdly wonderful roller skaters, how they got into skating and why it keeps them alive.

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