Thump: Raving sober at Shambhala with Camp Clean Beats

By Aaron Deckler

Thump just released a piece from Johnny Erwin & Daniel J. Pierce about Camp Clean Beats, a community for recovering addicts and other sober folks at music festivals. I’ve been to many a music fest and can confirm that you’ll find a health group of people both sober, and high. That said, building community is a fantastic mission and creating a sort of safe zone for people working to stay sober is awesome. We had Dance Safe doing much the same thing in my younger (wilder) days.

Here’s a word from one of the group members, check out the article on Vice’s Thump for more.

sober rave

Mandy Lawson (Camp Clean Beats co-founder and coordinator)

“Camp Clean Beats is a clean and sober camping area for people who want to party but not do drugs or drink during the show. That’s including weed. We still party, we just don’t party that way. We provide three recovery-based meetings a day, you don’t have to belong to a 12-step program.We provide a drop-in place for people who are curious about what partying sober means. If you want to party sober, there are supports here.

I used to do drugs to try to get that connected feeling, go out and dance, not get it, do more drugs and still not get that feeling. Then the next day I’d feel empty inside and be filled with remorse and shame. Today I can go out on the dancefloor and feel connected to my friends, my higher power, and it sounds so cheesy, but the bass.”

sober-ravers-camp-3 sober-ravers-camp-2

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