The Truth You Haven’t Heard About Worship

By Jon Daniels

Let me tell you a story…

Long before anything was created or had form. Before, a single brick on this earth’s foundations was laid. Before there was ever a sunset or sunrise. Before you or I were created. Before we ever shared a meal or smoked a cigar with our buddies downtown. Before we caused pain and suffering, or saw the ones we loved transition into the afterlife, there was a Family.

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This family is quite peculiar. It’s made up of a Father, His Son, and Holy Spirit, who some call, “Mama”. This Family has never known fear, suspicion, anger with each other, conflict, boredom or hierarchy, unlike most familes and relationships. They have always dwelt in absolute acceptance and love for one another. The atmosphere surrounding them is one of safety, acceptance, freedom, and, (wait for it) WORSHIP! They consistently live in a place of complete adoration for each other. The Father loves and affirms the Son. The Son loves and submits to the Father, The Spirit comes to testify of their indwelling in us. They are all about each other!

This place is where our worship begins…

You see, this Family so enjoyed their mutual indwelling that they wanted the party to grow, so they made us EXACTLY like them. Free of fear, full of life and connection. We were created from a place of adoration.

But we forgot who we were…

The tragedy of this forgetting was that we tried to earn a seat at the table that was already freely given to us. We began to run away from the table of relationship out of fear of bringing shame to this family.

But our running would never stop their pursuit.

So the Son, with the Father and Holy Spirit with Him, took on our flesh, our forgotten state, and destroyed it on the cross. He rose again with you and I wrapped up inside himself and brought us back to the table where we first were begotten.

You see, we’ve been grafted into this family absolutely free of charge. Whether we believe it or not, we are one with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Their worship and adoration of us and of each other is the only thing our hearts know.

This is why I LOVE worship. It’s so much grander than what words or songs can communicate. It’s the very wine of their love and acceptance that intoxicates our hearts into adoration. It’s in that place of absolute satisfaction and addiction to their presence that we find true worship.

We were made to reflect what we see. The beauty of the Gospel is that it causes us to see the Trinity’s addiction to loving us with a drunken love. It intoxicates us and causes our hearts to reflect that same adoration!

I don’t think we should throw the worship baby out with the religious bathwater. A lot of us have been hurt by church institutions that have forced us to try and adore a distant God who most likely won’t accept what you have to offer. But as the gospel softens our hearts, we can rediscover the beauty of worship.

I once heard a grace teacher say, “ I don’t stand up, sing, or lift my hands during worship anymore because I don’t have to”

Well, I guess you don’t have to make love to your spouse, but why not just do it for sheer enjoyment? I absolutely adore singing and adoring Papa, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. It’s just what members of the Trinity do, we adore each other. And, I get absolutely intoxicated on Their love when I do. Worship is fun! Singing, dancing, and lifting my hands is blissful to me because I’m mirroring the very thing I see Them do over me every single day.

My encouragement to you, especially if you have been hurt by church institutions, is this:

Don’t let someone’s abuse of intimacy rob you of the joy of that intimacy. Be free and enjoy the love of Papa, Jesus, and The Spirit. Enjoy worship. It’s just a normal part of being in union with this adoring family.

Jon Daniels

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