The New Wave of Christianity in Indie Rock

By Aaron Deckler

I read an article on Consequence of Sound today that stood out. It spotlights the emergence of Christianity in indie rock and makes a few interesting comments.

As the article points out, there really hasn’t been a complete drought of spiritual or Christian themes in the indie scene. They mention, and personally I’ve always found it interesting, that Isaac Brock, Modest Mouse frontman, professes to be an atheist yet has quite a bit of dialogue about God. Mostly misguided, but still, it’s a window into his thinking about who God is. I love those songs of his and always have.

More recently other artists have been infusing their lyrics with thoughts of God, Jesus, and the church. The article doesn’t really take a position, but what I find so interesting and exciting is that people are thinking about God. It demonstrates that the lost, the hurt, the rejected, are being wooed by God and it’s causing them to examine what they believe about Him.

Jesus came to set the captives free. In a day of social upheaval, and rebellion against the religious church, the message of Jesus is one of the heart. It speaks to everyone, regardless of their upbringing, social status, love life, or baggage. Jesus says, come to me all you who are tired and rest. He has removed the judgement. There is nothing to do but accept the unfailing love of the Father, who has ransomed us all from our enemies at an extravagant price.

Read the full article on Consequence of Sound

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