The Mesmerization of Love

By Kyle Doty

Eyes focused, palms facing the azure
fortress, every blood cell mesmerized
at the sight standing before me.

It’s Jesus. The Uncreated.
I stand as liquid love drips
through my hair and over my eyes–
Oil from his glad heart.

Standing regal and happy, it’s God.
Pure, unrefined fascination at who
is planted, feet evenly apart, in front
of me.

His golden eyes bore through
my soul, and my heart is
pierced with a love so strong
and a joy so glad that all I can
do, the only motion I can make,
is to smile.

Kyle Doty

Kyle Doty

Kyle Doty is the founder of He lives with his family in Florida where he teaches middle school and lives in the ecstasy and bliss of Jesus.

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