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So often we find ourselves getting caught up in thinking that God is judging our lives, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This comic by Jim Benton is a breath of fresh air reminding us how the father is concerned for our lives but not the critic of our lives.

Art Tyler Underwood

What Happens When We Are Too Close to See?

What is it about searching for something too closely that makes it so impossible to find?

Article Alexander J. Lewis

The Truth You Haven't Heard About Worship

Long before anything was created or had form, there was a Family…

Article Jon Daniels

The Truth About Love Vs. Self-Preservation

Love is more than empathy or mere feeling; more than poetic stories or romantic endeavors. Love is aggressive; it is powerful. It is the pursuer, the truth seer, and the defender of innocence and goodness.

Article Alexander J. Lewis

How Can I Love You Without First Loving Myself?

I can only fully love you, unconditionally with no measure, when I first see the face of Christ in me and agree with His love for me.

Article Chris Hammond

What Happens When You Actually Know How Loved You Are?

I went to work every day, totally overwhelmed with the Love of God and it caused most of my co-workers to ask me if I was on drugs. What happened next left me in awe!

Article Chris Hammond

How My Life Was Saved by the Words, "I love you"

Suddenly, an explosion of liquid peace obliterated the chaos from the center of my chest and tangibly permeated my entire being. I knew that my invisible companion was right. I had nothing to be afraid of…

Article Chris Hammond

How I was Freed from Religious Slavery

The Gospel has come to free us from the hamster wheel of religious activity and fill us with the awareness of our Papa’s delight.

Article Chris Hammond

Do You Think Following Jesus is Hard? What if it's actually Effortless?

Your actions will never determine your value. Your actions are the expression of your worth as you realize you are absolutely priceless.

Article Chris Hammond