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Sin and the loss of the f-word (fun)

We all just wanna have fun. Is the label of “sin” just killing the vibe?

Article Aaron Deckler

Christians are supposed to be perfect

Said Jesus never. If you’ve held this belief before, who said that to you? Why do you believe that?

Article Matthew Bell

Your Rave Booty is Lying

Your camping on the lawn of your favorite EDM festival when two young girls strut by looking like My Little Pony had her way with Sailor Moon.

Article Aaron Deckler

Blackalicious' Gift of Gab on Overcoming Life

Gift of Gab (Timothy Parker), the emcee of legendary hip-hop group Blackalicious. Gift of Gab talks about his career and motivation to keep going while battling health issues.

Video Aaron Deckler

A Photographer’s Story: Aaron Storry

Aaron Storry talks about living life and taking the risk to follow his passion and become a professional photographer.

Video Aaron Deckler

What You Need to Know About the Dangers of Becoming Irrelevant

Becoming irrelevant is dangerous because it happens gradually…

Article Matthew Monk

Does God Have A Clue?!

Andre Rabe asked the question, “Does God know what it’s like to be us?” Andre gives his unique and inspiring understanding of the nature of God and how he relates to us as people.

Video Aaron Deckler

Jesus Luvs Ravers

When Goshen Sai first heard electronic dance music (EDM) in the 90’s he was instantly in hooked. Falling into the hedonism of the club scene he eventually discovered the emptiness of that lifestyle and began sinking to rock bottom.

Video Aaron Deckler

Glory on Your Life Bro!

A hilarious look into a day in the life of Chris Hammond. Directed by Caleb Sandoval

Video Aaron Deckler