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Mysticism: not about discovering the secrets of the fairies and frequencies

Mysticism is not so much about figuring out the secrets of the fairies and the frequencies as it is about enjoying our union with the Person of Jesus and the fruit thereof!

Article Matt Spinks

The Mesmerization of Love

A poem by Kyle Doty on the gooey love of God.

Art Kyle Doty

What is the Gospel? - with Matt Spinks

So what exactly is the “Gospel” according to Jesus? Matt Spinks breaks it down in this short segment.

Video Matt Spinks

Jesus Luvs Ravers

When Goshen Sai first heard electronic dance music (EDM) in the 90’s he was instantly in hooked. Falling into the hedonism of the club scene he eventually discovered the emptiness of that lifestyle and began sinking to rock bottom.

Video Aaron Deckler

The Truth About Love Vs. Self-Preservation

Love is more than empathy or mere feeling; more than poetic stories or romantic endeavors. Love is aggressive; it is powerful. It is the pursuer, the truth seer, and the defender of innocence and goodness.

Article Alexander J. Lewis

How Can I Love You Without First Loving Myself?

I can only fully love you, unconditionally with no measure, when I first see the face of Christ in me and agree with His love for me.

Article Chris Hammond

Glory on Your Life Bro!

A hilarious look into a day in the life of Chris Hammond. Directed by Caleb Sandoval

Video Aaron Deckler

What Happens When You Actually Know How Loved You Are?

I went to work every day, totally overwhelmed with the Love of God and it caused most of my co-workers to ask me if I was on drugs. What happened next left me in awe!

Article Chris Hammond

How My Life Was Saved by the Words, "I love you"

Suddenly, an explosion of liquid peace obliterated the chaos from the center of my chest and tangibly permeated my entire being. I knew that my invisible companion was right. I had nothing to be afraid of…

Article Chris Hammond

Jesus Trip: The American Experiment

John Crowder brings a Fourth of July special as he articulates that our citizenship is from another realm.

Video Chris Hammond