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Do You Feel Like God's Redheaded Stepchild?

Many of us approach God as if we’re his stepchildren, begging for scraps, but that’s not at all how he sees you.

Article Kyle Doty

Does God Have A Clue?!

Andre Rabe asked the question, “Does God know what it’s like to be us?” Andre gives his unique and inspiring understanding of the nature of God and how he relates to us as people.

Video Aaron Deckler

3 Things I've Learned About God from Endurance Training

Over the past 3 years I’ve taken on the mantle to train like I’ve never trained before. I’ve logged over 5000 miles on my feet, and found within myself, depths I never knew.

Article Matthew Monk

What if We Are All Just Leaves on the Same Tree?

Why is it that as humanity, we are so prone to compete and separate ourselves from one another? In our minds we have erected a fortress with the bricks of our beliefs and convictions, waging war at the first hint of a differing opinion.

Article Chris Hammond

Go Play

So often we find ourselves getting caught up in thinking that God is judging our lives, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This comic by Jim Benton is a breath of fresh air reminding us how the father is concerned for our lives but not the critic of our lives.

Art Tyler Underwood

What Happens When We Are Too Close to See?

What is it about searching for something too closely that makes it so impossible to find?

Article Alexander J. Lewis

An Animated Exploration of YHWH

A series of talented animators collaborated to create this fantastic tribute to the King of Kings. It’s worth a second and third watch!

Video Aaron Deckler

What Happens When You Actually Know How Loved You Are?

I went to work every day, totally overwhelmed with the Love of God and it caused most of my co-workers to ask me if I was on drugs. What happened next left me in awe!

Article Chris Hammond