Tag: Freedom

Sin and the loss of the f-word (fun)

We all just wanna have fun. Is the label of “sin” just killing the vibe?

Article Aaron Deckler

Christians are supposed to be perfect

Said Jesus never. If you’ve held this belief before, who said that to you? Why do you believe that?

Article Matthew Bell

The Elephant in the Worship Room

Are we limiting our own creative expression through the paradigm of religious service?

Article Avraham Ben Yehuda

A Photographer’s Story: Aaron Storry

Aaron Storry talks about living life and taking the risk to follow his passion and become a professional photographer.

Video Aaron Deckler

Totally Free

Rollerskating used to be everywhere, but these days it’s nearly impossible to find people on roller skates. ‘Totally Free’ is a short documentary that explores these weirdly wonderful roller skaters, how they got into skating and why it keeps them alive.

Video Chris Hammond

How I was Freed from Religious Slavery

The Gospel has come to free us from the hamster wheel of religious activity and fill us with the awareness of our Papa’s delight.

Article Chris Hammond

Do You Think Following Jesus is Hard? What if it's actually Effortless?

Your actions will never determine your value. Your actions are the expression of your worth as you realize you are absolutely priceless.

Article Chris Hammond

How You Can Experience Heavenly Bliss

Many are often frustrated by their seeming inability to sustain the experience of Bliss in everyday life. I used to struggle with similar questions.

Article Chris Hammond