Sin and the loss of the f-word (fun)

By Aaron Deckler

I’ve met people who avoid God like the plague because it seems to them living a Godly life means living a boring and G-rated life. The idea of leaving all their favorite things behind to go be “righteous” sounds very unappealing. The truth is God doesn’t want you to abandon your passions. He knows what will make you the happiest and is eager to open doors. If the sin life is your idea of fun consider that it just may be giving you the short end of the deal.

Sin is glamorized in movies and culture. We describe delicious food as “sinful”, and often equate the term “sin” with “fun” or “exciting.” But is that true? Is sin really the spice of life?

While sin may be fun in the moment, it has consequences that are destructive. It’s the very nature of sin to destroy. In contrast, “good” fun has positive effects. Good fun is going to make you a better person. Now, don’t confuse good with safe. Mountain biking is holy for me, but a bad crash can result in a bone popping through your flesh. But the times that I don’t slip up, which is most times, biking improves my health, my balance, gives me time to think and pray, and it’s fun. A lot of fun.

Sports are all fine and good but what about partying? You’ve gotta give that up right? Uh, no. Lets remember that Jesus’ first public miracle was making wine, good wine, for a wedding party. A party that had already blown through the wine they had allotted for the occasion. His moms was like, “Hey, Jesus, they’re out of wine bro.” to which he replied, “What’s that got to do with me?” His mom undoubtably shot him a glance and the next thing you know he’s turning gallons and gallons of water into the best wine they’d ever tasted.

So, partying is A-okay. But, and there is a but, this was a wedding party. A gathering of friends and family. They may have been buzzed, even drunk, but they were safe. It’s a whole other bag of tamales when you get plastered at the bar and wake up with a stranger. You’ve crossed over into sin and now there are consequences that may follow you for the rest of your life.

Sin has a destructive nature. It also makes us feel bad about ourselves. Most of us anyway. And when we feel bad or unworthy we separate ourselves from God, we feel worse, and then need more sin to get a temporary fix. It’s a nasty little cycle.

There’s no form of fun that doesn’t have a good side. Drink, but drink responsibly. Smoke, but don’t be an addict. Party, but be safe and exercise moderation. Get high, but get high on Jesus (yes that’s a real thing.) Have sex, but have it with your spouse. Don’t have a spouse? Well I promise if you abstain from sowing your wild oats all over town you’ll be 10 times more motivated to find a husband or wife, and since you’re abiding by a solid moral code, you’ll attract someone with the same sensibilities. See how that works?

Making the Changes

Trying to change your habits on your own, is like pulling teeth. Ever tried to quite smoking? It’s all you can think about and a constant struggle. And most of use fail over and over before we succeed. It’s because we lack will power and we tend to produce whatever we’re focused on. So if your focused on not doing a particular thing. You may end up right in the hole you were trying to avoid.

The good news is you don’t have to do it on your own strength. Papa God is here to help! Mentally give things over to Jesus and watch how easy changing your habits becomes. It’s a simple process of resting on God, constantly reminding yourself that God loves you and has your back. Focus on Him instead of your issues. They’ll melt away like hot butter! And I promise any amount of fun you may feel your losing will be replaced with better fun. Really.

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