Can we rise above the labels that attempt to define us?

By Rogie King

I know there are people groups that think wildly different. And that if you choose (or even they choose), they can be lumped together. Some times they band together, give themselves labels and do horrible things as a group. The world is ugly and treacherous. Horrible things are done to humanity in the names and under many labels. Some labels appear to be true.

My statements are hopeful ones…and at times true. And you’re right, not totally true. But in the same way that God “calls the things that are not, as though they were.” I feel hope. Hope that one day and even to some degree in the hearts of some, that we can all understand that this whole creation was made by God and that we, although horribly lost, hurt and scared, were made by that one creator and that makes us the same.

We come from the same creator. That connects us, unites us.. and in a way, helps people that have had the worst things done to them, like their son being murdered…reach out to that murderer and forgive. Because, once again, there is sameness there. We’re all capable of being and becoming the very worst of criminals because of the shared sin we all have.

I believe our similarities with those different than us are far wider and more than we think. Same creator. Same sin. Same struggles. Same fight. Same confusion. We get lost similarly. We face pride and ego battles, we wall off our hearts when we hurt. We feel physical pain in the same way. We fight addictions and desire health and peace similarly. The list goes on and on and regardless of the opinions that we’ve formed, often they are formed as a result of the pain we’ve been through and the wrong that’s been done to us…and that can throw us off the track similarly. Think about that person who hates christianity because he was molested by his christian uncle/pastor?

To me…I don’t see a label of them being wrong…or of one difference from me.

I know the words that are being said are different…or even statements that I disagree with, but seeing that person as my family, not right, or left, or “them” or “us” shades my views with grace toward them and helps me to see them as my kin, as cut from the same cloth. Helps me to find empathy to cry with the sad, to be with the sick.

If I label and push people away and lose that connection, I lose the ability to step into their lives and their pain. To truly be vulnerable with them…and with that I lose the ability to be fully human to them…to let them in and see my world view and my faith. It’s in times like those that I’ve been able to share my story and what God’s done for me.

–This letter was sparked by a conversation on Twitter, follow @rogie to see the full thread

Rogie King

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