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Blackalicious' Gift of Gab on Overcoming Life

Gift of Gab (Timothy Parker), the emcee of legendary hip-hop group Blackalicious. Gift of Gab talks about his career and motivation to keep going while battling health issues.

Video Aaron Deckler

One of Australia's most sought after street artists gets a rare opportunity

This 6-minute film documents their journey, and offers insight into the unique personality of one of Australia’s most sought after street artists.

Video Aaron Deckler

How I Found My Dream Job and Why It was Lost

A couple years ago I was stuck in a bad cycle. You know the one I’m talking about. Waking up every morning with a clenching feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach. Another day, another dollar. More like another day, another five cents. I knew what to expect.

Article Matthew Monk

The Mesmerization of Love

A poem by Kyle Doty on the gooey love of God.

Art Kyle Doty

A Photographer’s Story: Aaron Storry

Aaron Storry talks about living life and taking the risk to follow his passion and become a professional photographer.

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Do You Feel Like God's Redheaded Stepchild?

Many of us approach God as if we’re his stepchildren, begging for scraps, but that’s not at all how he sees you.

Article Kyle Doty

Player Two - Some People Live On

Player Two is a moving story about losing someone and then finding them in unexpected places.

Video Aaron Deckler

What is the Gospel? - with Matt Spinks

So what exactly is the “Gospel” according to Jesus? Matt Spinks breaks it down in this short segment.

Video Matt Spinks

Destroying By Example - Erik Ellington

At at 38 years of age, Erik is a veteran. A life fighting inner demons has lead to a new chapter, one of sobriety, abstinence and responsibility.

Video Aaron Deckler

Everything Was Hard and that Was Okay

Run enough miles, figuratively, literally, and you will be stripped bare. My attempt here is to illustrate what the mind does in midst of extreme stress and vulnerability. In the middle of our shit, there is still unfathomable light.

Article Matthew Monk