Do You Feel Like God’s Redheaded Stepchild?

By Kyle Doty

It’s a picture seen in many homes in which there are multiple children–it’s snack time and each child is worried that there won’t be enough goldfish to go around. The younger ones begin to cry immediately, the older ones push against one another, those in the middle duck under everyone else–everyone vying for the head of the table to make sure that they get their fair portion. Even after everyone has their snack, there are cross looks, narrowed eyes: each child concerned that someone else got more.

Often, this is how we come to God’s table. Instead of arriving and being fully sure of his abilities, his love, his grace, and his provision we come with the mindset of orphans. Orphans never feel like they have or will ever have enough. Orphans feel like they have to fight for what they get and protect what’s theirs. They are worried that others will get a bigger share, that they’ll be somehow left out.

This is not at all the way sons and daughters of God should behave. He is our kind and loving father (Ephesians 2:7). A good father will always give good gifts to his children (Matthew 7:11), and children of good fathers never have to worry about whether or not there will be enough for them. There is plenty of God’s satisfying mystical reality to go around!

We are not the proverbial red-headed step children. We aren’t on the outside looking in at the splendor of our mystical Daddy. The mysterious truth is simple: we are all his favorite! And as his favorite, we get to enjoy the benefits of being the favorite. Our glorious Daddy surfs the cosmos! He vacations at the Sea of Tranquility…and reminisces about the day he created it! He has more than enough for each of us.

We needn’t approach the Throne of Grace with anxiety or with a spirit of beggary. When we ask for something, our Cosmic Hero loves to say yes because he’s a proud Papa. He loves giving good gifts to his children. We are children of the KING, and king’s kids get a lot of really cool stuff! You get to approach our glorious Jesus not like an orphan asking “please sir, may I have some more,” but you get to run into his lap knowing that the answer is YES before you even catch your breath to ask! What you were going to ask for is already boxed up with a bow and beautiful wrapping paper for him to surprise you. He knows the desire in your heart–he put it there. So be sure to approach the throne of grace with a yes in your heart. God wants to give you the desires embedded deep within your heart.

Curl up in Daddy’s lap and enjoy him! Meditate on his face and memorize his smile. It is in the joy of loving him that the stuff we want will begin to appear! Too often, even in our prayers, we beg of God to say yes. Begging is assuming the answer is no. But our God is the God of YES! God knows the things you want, he knows your dreams and desires. They are godly and good things! He put them there! Just rest in his love and enjoy him and all these things will begin to sprout up like Dandelions in a sunny meadow (Matthew 6:33).

Kyle Doty

Kyle Doty is the founder of He lives with his family in Florida where he teaches middle school and lives in the ecstasy and bliss of Jesus.

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