Can we rise above the labels that attempt to define us?

Sparked by a conversation on Twitter, this letter from illustrator, Rogie King, cuts through the labels that attempt to shatter our sense of community and oneness.

Article Rogie King

Sin and the loss of the f-word (fun)

We all just wanna have fun. Is the label of “sin” just killing the vibe?

Article Aaron Deckler

Survivor’s Guilt: The War After the Battle

Matt comes clean about his own personal experience of survival, when others around him did not.

Article Matthew Monk

Christians are supposed to be perfect

Said Jesus never. If you’ve held this belief before, who said that to you? Why do you believe that?

Article Matthew Bell

Mysticism: not about discovering the secrets of the fairies and frequencies

Mysticism is not so much about figuring out the secrets of the fairies and the frequencies as it is about enjoying our union with the Person of Jesus and the fruit thereof!

Article Matt Spinks

Rally ‘Round - sides that matter

In the wake of election season, the factions are gradually cornering themselves off, friends are no longer speaking and the malaise of the grand joke of politics is making ready for the final punchline.

Article Matthew Monk

The Elephant in the Worship Room

Are we limiting our own creative expression through the paradigm of religious service?

Article Avraham Ben Yehuda

Your Rave Booty is Lying

Your camping on the lawn of your favorite EDM festival when two young girls strut by looking like My Little Pony had her way with Sailor Moon.

Article Aaron Deckler

Raving sober at Shambhala with Camp Clean Beats

Camp Clean Beats creates a community around raving sober.

Article Aaron Deckler

Letting Go of Rebuke and Embracing Love for the Win

Public rebuke is a common response to the outspoken, but perhaps we should honor and love everyone, within and without disagreements.

Article Shane Runnels